Combining the high quality materials of stainless steel and glass produces classy balustrades that are difficult to surpass. The toughened safety glass (TSG) that we supply is of the highest quality. We make use of 8mm and 10mm thick glass infill panels. The finish on the glass includes a CNC cut , bright polish on all edges and a 5mm radius on all the corners. The glass panels are held in position with Q-Railing imported stainless steel clamps. We also offer an acid etch glass option (see frosted option below; B2). This 'frosted' appearance adds an element of privacy to the glass balustrading.


With a choice of 12mm or 15mm (outdoor) toughened safety glass and utilizing our unique top mount bracket.

The frameless glass balustrade offers unobstructed views at all times, whilst minimizing the intrusion within the architecture of the building. It creates the illusion that the balcony, pool or terraced area and the views are one the ultimate outdoor room concept and design.


Our side mounted glass balustrade is complimented by the use of template cut 12mm Toughened safety glass and specially engineered spigots, made from solid 316 stainless steel.

It is the ideal solution for those staircase or landings where space and light is restricted, as it creates the illusion of modern airiness and space through its transparency and almost seamless suspension of brilliant sheets of diagonal glass. A practical concept of design for the discerning customer with a sense of adventure and daring.

The floating glass balustrade is also suitable for balconies where no fixing detail is visible and it may be applied to any structure when fixed into concrete or steel. For curtain wall applications, toughened glass panels are restricted to a height of 3 meters.


Glass panels; protruding seamlessly from the floor have a robust stance of shielding your future view.
Before concreting of the floor slab allowance should be made for the specially manufactured GMS u-channel, to be set flush to floor level or fixed within an up-stand.
Normally we recommend the use of 15mm toughened glass for its superior strength in outdoor conditions, a stainless steel handrail may also be fitted to provide comfort and extra protection to the top edge of the glass wall.